This afternoon, the Univeristy of Alberta shoved the Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Dodgeball game into the mud and stomped on it’s balls until it’s face turned blue. The record, previously held by San Diego State University, was 450 people. Today in the Butterdome, I participated in a dodgeball game with 1200 people. TWELVE. HUNDRED. It lasted almost an hour, despite it being almost impossible NOT to hit somebody early on. I’m used to larger dodgeballs (roughly basketball-sized, and made out of rubber), so trying to throw these little rubberized foam things was tough. No matter how much heat you tried to throw with, the ball sort of just floated to it’s destination. Standing on the court was like being in that scene from 300 where the Persian arrows blot out the sun. Except instead of arrows, it was red balls.

U of A Smashes World Dodgeball Record