This page, along with the last one and the next one were used in my pitch package at the Calgary Comic Con. It is fairly likely they will not result in me getting hired by anybody, but I still like them a lot. I think my favourite panel on this page is the last one, mostly because I like depth of field (is that even what that’s called?). Ron’s belly-t0-belly suplex was a lot harder to draw than I anticipated, which I think I end up saying in practically every one of these news posts. There was a lot of me clutching a blanket folded to roughly person-width and suplexing it on my family room floor to figure out Ron’s body position, and then flinging myself on the couch to get an approximation for what Tim should look like. I mostly draw at night for a reason.

I’ve recently been writing a lot of HEAT scripts. I’m currently in the high 70s, page-wise, and writing a bunch of scenes that my future self will hate me for.

On Saturday: Doc Crockett rocks the mic. Not unlike Jesus does here (I drew the second one).