My friend Dan reminded me of possibly the best story from our Calgary trip, which I forgot about in the last post.

So while we were driving to the bar, Dan got a phone call from our friend Catherine, who had already arrived and wanted to know if we were bringing anybody else with us and how many seats to save. Dan needed to change gears to merge, but with one hand on the wheel and his phone in his other hand, he couldn’t. So naturally, he just screamed “SHIFT! SHIFT! SHIFT!” I don’t know how to drive a standard, so I pretty much just started freaking out. “GAH! WHAT!? SHIFT HOW!? GAH!” Dan’s ever-so-helpful response: “SHIIIIIIIIIIFT!” Instead of dicking around with the shifter and probably getting us killed, I just yanked the phone away from Dan and yelled “YOU SHIFT!” And then, inexplicably, went into secretary mode, calmly answering the phone and explaining that Dan was busy making sure we didn’t die horrifically. Once the shifting issue was resolved I passed the phone back over like nothing had happened.

We told that story probably four or five times before the end of the night.