This page was the newest HEAT page to beĀ  part of my pitch package at the Calgary Comic Con. HEAT #38, #37, #26, and #24 were the other pages included, along with a copy of Hell, Inc. #1. Ron throwing Tim out of the ring wasa fun challenge to tackle, which was made easier with ample video reference (I have 9 or 10 WWF Royal Rumbles in my tape collection). Speaking of Royal Rumbles, I’m currently writing HEAT scripts for episodes numbered in the high 70s and am just about to start writing a Royal Rumble-style match, which I have yet to come up with a not-lame name for.

Mad Doc Crockett referring to the fans as “the troglodytes” is a shout-out to former WWF and WCW colour commentator Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, who used to have a variety of insulting nicknames for the audience. If only modern commentators could dial down the suck a little bit and make me stop yearning for the late ’80s/early ’90s.

On Wednesday: Chapter 4 begins!