Well, nothing related to the comic, anyway. Y’know how 90% of webcomics are about nerds playing video games, so the authors talk about video games a lot? Yeah, this post will probably seem at home on one of those sites.

I’ve got every Call of Duty game that has come out on the Xbox 360 (except for the downloadable COD 1), and yet I kind of suck at Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode. I mean, I’m not terrible, but my overall kill/death ratio is minus a lot and sometimes I want to throw my controller at the screen when the same jackass kills me five times before I even know where the hell I’m going. Once in a while I’ll be one of the better players in the game, but usually I just hope to get enough kills to help my team out a little bit.  More often than it should be, it’s stressful instead of fun. The single player campaign is full of white-knuckled-full-auto brilliance, however, and special ops is pretty sweet.

Killzone 2 on the PS3 is kind of the opposite. The single player campaign is fun, but lacks the pulse-pounding intensity of MW2’s story, but I’m inexplicably pretty good at the multiplayer. I’m usually one of the top players on my team/in the game, and don’t get stressed like in MW2. It just seems way more fun, especially with the mission structure that lets you tackle multiple missions within the same match so that things don’t just boil down to “shoot as many dudes as possible while preventing them from doing the same to you”. Although that does tend to make most of the missions easier to accomplish.

So, uh, yeah, not a ton of relevance to the comic here. Just the information that I find Killzone 2’s online mode more fun than MW2’s, and thus am some kind of heathen in the eyes of video game geeks everywhere.