Whooo complicated action scene! Much like what I’m working on for HEAT right now, actually. Except that corner stomps, a body slam, and a leg drop were harder to draw than a stomp to the head and a shoulder block in the back. A lot harder.

I think this is also the first time that it’s been hinted that Los Gordinflones Negros are named Uno and Dos. Incidentally, a couple of pages ago I mentioned that a detail was missing from the LGNs’ costumes; that was it. Their names being on their tights and boots is as much for my benefit as it is for any kind of reference to wrestling “twin” logic. Wrestling “twin” logic, of course, being that twins usually have some identifying feature that lets the fans tell the difference between them, even if the other wrestlers, referees, and announcers pretend that they’re identical. I think the worst case of that (at least that I can remember off the top of my head) was with Demolition, where they pretended not to notice the completely different face paint or the fact that Smash had a big ol’ tattoo. I seem to recall they dropped that relatively quickly, although they kind of revived it when they added Crush to make them a three-man team. They came down with masks on so that the opponents wouldn’t know which two Demolition they were fighting until the match began. That being said, LGN have their names on their gear so that I can remember which one is which, because an experiment with them being identical led to me confusing the bejesus out of myself.

On Wednesday: Doc makes the troglodytes feel involved. They don’t appreciate it.