The first three panels of this page turned out pretty much how I pictured them. Panel four, less so. This also solves my personal mystery from last update of which page comes next. Turns out it was the one with the spinning wheel kick. Or spinning heel kick, I’ve heard it called both.

So this week’s Monday Night RAW was one of the best I’ve seen since I started watching regularly again, back in January when Bret Hart was the guest host. I sure hope the Nexus can actually wrestle, though, or that tag team match is going to be godawful. Wade Barrett did as well as could be asked considering he had to work with Mark Henry. And good on him for managing to not kill Mark Henry when Henry fell off of his shoulders the wrong way. I didn’t see NXT season 1, so hopefully I missed the evidence that all of the Nexus are sublime grapplers… or at least won’t ruin the 14-man tag team match.

On Saturday: LGN implement their post-head-kicking strategy.