After a brief panic caused by upgrading the site to the newest versions of WordPress and ComicPress, the comic is up and making Ron “The Con” Gould look like an ass in front of the entire internet. Or at least the chunk of the internet that reads this.

The hot tag is a staple of tag team wrestling that is both exciting and kind of ridiculous, depending on the timing. If the guy coming in has been on the apron for a decent amount of time, the premise of the hot tagĀ  is perfectly reasonable: that guy has had time to rest up, which explains why he has the energy to come in with a big flurry of offence. Unfortunately, if that guy tags back out too quickly the whole thing stops making sense. Having just watched a guy get the bejeezus kicked out of him moments earlier and all of a sudden be fresh as a daisy to finish somebody off is jarring, even to folks willing to accept some absurd things in the name of an entertaining show (like professional referees being staggeringly incompetent). It seems to be most common when the guy who gets beat on is the smaller guy who does the part of the team’s finisher that leads to the pin. He gets pounded, big guy comes in and cleans house, then tags the small guy back in so he can come off the top rope or whatever.

On Wednesday: Ron Gould is more aerodynamic than one might expect.