Remember my rant about hot tags in last comic’s newspost? Yeah… Chris Jericho-branded hypocrite right here, because I’m too lazy to read ahead in my own comic. I’m about 10 pages ahead of the site right now in terms of drawing comics, so by the time I actually post things it’s about a month since I’ve drawn them. Making it even harder to remember what’s coming up is the fact that I’m currently up to page 94 in the script. Speaking of writing, Hugh’s last line is pretty much an encapsulation of my approach to the sci-fi elements of this story.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, scroll down to check out a thing I’m trying out in the blog section. It’s an interesting way to get more background information on the world of HEAT without me trying to shoehorn it awkwardly into the narrative. The accompanying illustrations were supposed to be knocked off in like an hour… three hours later, they were done. The background on the Jebediah Mudd picture really kicked my ass, but I think it turned out pretty well. It also gave me some practice drawing the WrestleDome, which I needed.

On Saturday: A long, insane story about a moose. Also, punching.