Unlike TV wrestling, the piledriver is still allowed in the world of science-fiction wrestling comics. The placement of Dick’s arms was a little bit tough, since LGN are both too fat for him to reach all the way around their stomachs. I tried having him just grab a fistful of belly flab, but it looked strange, so I went with the quads instead. Which, from a safety perspective, is a terrible idea, but in a world where pro wrestling is a competitive combat sport (as opposed to entertainment centred around staged combat), protecting your opponent is less of an issue. And in both cases the piledriver is a great match-ender. I think this page may also be the first explicit reference to John Bradley’s previous career as a wrestler, although his Dusty Rhodes-esque forehead hinted pretty strongly at it. I’m going to have to include him in a Classic Wrestling Moment at some point, come to think of it.

I mentioned this last update, but I figure a reminder won’t hurt: After Saturday’s update, I’ll be taking two weeks off to finish up two other projects and build up my buffer zone of HEAT comics a bit. There will still be blog updates and some Bodyslam Magazine articles, and perhaps some guest art if I can wrangle it, so keep on comin’. Or the Wooly Bully will get you.

On Saturday: Is it a three count? The referee’s decision is announced!