Exposition + wrestling’s equivalent of the Death Star = this page. The drawing of Galactic Wrestling’s WrestleDome in my sketchbook had a marquee that hovered around the top of the dome (below the “GW” logo), but I ditched it in favour of having the entire outside of the dome function as a gigantic video marquee. It’s essentially the same chain of logic that led to a WWE-style giant video screen being upscaled to encompass the entire inside of the dome. You’ll see it in action a bit later on.

As you’ve already noticed, I changed the layout of the site. After some digitial tinkering I learned that the comic’s linework looks much cleaner at a smaller size (it’s around 200 pixels narrower and 100 pixels shorter than it was before), but it looked stupid having big white spaces on either side, so I chose an alternate layout that dealt with that. The lettering seems to suffer slightly, but I much prefer it to the jaggedness of the lines at the previous size. If you guys hate it I might change it back, but overall I like this new set-up quite a bit.

For those of you who take advantage of the “tag page” feature, I moved that up to the top of the right sidebar. For those of you who don’t, you should, it’s handy. You can use it to mark the last comic you’ve read so you can jump back to it next time you come back.

On Wednesday: Dusty Trails – the man, the myth, the booker, the jackass.