Like the title says, there pretty much had to be a dick joke in this one. Number 69? I mean, c’mon, that pretty much demands a dick joke. It doesn’t hurt that having a character named Dick provides ample opportunities for genital humour.

I had a lot of fun drawing Dusty Trails. I’m not really much of a Dusty Rhodes fan, but holy crap is his unsubtle parody fun to work with. Visually I pretty much just interpreted Rhodes’ “bionic elbow” literally and gave him a bionic right arm, then drew a fat guy with a scarred-up forehead. Writing him… oh man was that fun. Having heard Dusty Rhodes do commentary on WCW for several years and recognizing that he didn’t  make a lick of goddamn sense, I pretty much just tried to channel that. This page doesn’t have a lot of Dusty-isms, but they’re coming. I really need to work in a reference to “gettin’ to tha pay winda” at some point, though.

On Saturday: Dusty continues to come up with ideas that I’m sure he thinks are genius.