I really need to stop setting scenes in circular rooms, because they’re a pain in the butt to draw. The logo on Dick’s “Richard the Lionheart” tights is a little tough to draw as well, although I’m getting better at it now since I’ve been drawing it for ten pages. I just finished the first page of the Gauntlet match, which was a lot of fun to draw. I’m excited to work on the rest of it, especially since it’s already featured such luminaries as Generalissimo Lizardo, Tiger Khan, and Mighty Kong. Okay, Mighty Kong is actually kind of a big deal in the comic, but he’s no lizard man dressed like a Napoleonic general. No, he most certainly is not.

I attended the Prairie Wrestling Alliance’s Fall Fever show here in Edmonton on the weekend, the review of which was posted the other day. Check it out in the blog section!

On Saturday: I don’t know what he’s on, but I want some.