WWE revealed today that the 2011 Royal Rumble is going to have 40 participants instead of the traditional 30. I’m not sure what I think of that decision yet, but I do know what Japan apparently thinks of it: that’s not nearly enough guys.

Check out this 108 man battle royal from Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall on New Year’s Eve 2009 (and spilling over into New Year’s Day 2010). Oh, and grab a snack, it’s a long one. It’s definitely not a technical classic, and I’m not sure it holds up to the excitement level of the best Royal Rumbles, but it’s a ton of fun. Seriously, one of the entrants is a blow-up doll in wrestling trunks. The other wrestlers treat it like a legitimate competitor. It’s wonderfully bizarre. Credit goes to YouTuber Dirk Mantooth for posting the battle royal in its entirety.