In the final part of our Super Max Challenge Cup Preview series we’ll be examining Prison Asteroid 32J’s foursome.

5′  0″, 198 lbs (but allegedly well over 500 lbs)
Invincinator might be the first wrestler who isn’t actually in prison to compete in the Super Max Challenge (may be? Look it up, ya lazy bum – Ed.) After journeying from the Edge of the Galaxy to find new competition, the self-proclaimed super heavyweight found that competition on Prison Asteroid 32J. Invincinator is in the midst of a hot streak that’s seen him tally nothing but victories for nearly four months now. While inexplicably able to employ a power game against foes a hundred pounds heavier than he is, the talent level of the big men in the Super Max Challenge leads us to believe he’d be much better off if he’s able to draw smaller opponents.

Ron “The Con” Gould
6′ 3″, 276 lbs
“The Con” wasn’t on our Super Max radar prior to his partnership with Dick the Bastard. Gould has been bouncing up and down the card on Prison Asteroid 32J for a few years now, more often than not as part of a tag team. It’s his tag team expertise that earned Ron Gould his spot on this team, as well as his performance against Los Gordinflones Negros in the opening contest of the Super Max Challenge qualifying round. With LGN likely to dominate the tag team round, having a combination that can go the distance with the PPW champions could prove to be incredibly valuable for Team 32J.

Dick the Bastard
6′ 0″, 243 lbs
The least experienced wrestler in the tournament, Dick the Bastard has benefited greatly from his trainer, the legendary Mad Doc Crockett. While still pretty raw, the Bastard has already defeated the Wooly Bully twice, wrestled the tag team champions to a draw, and made an appearance in the Galactic Wrestling Gauntlet (albeit one truncated by an unfortunate collision with a luxury pod). What Dick lacks in experience he has thus far made up for with low cunning, toughness, and Ragnar Rasmussen’s helmet. Relatedly, it turns out that getting smashed in the face with a viking helmet is a good way to get knocked out. Reporters have speculated as of late to the extent of the back injury sustained by Dick during the Gauntlet, but Mad Doc Crockett has continued to assure the media that his charge is fine. On the other hand, Crockett once insisted he was fine when he defended the Galactic Championship with a broken hand and a badly sprained elbow, so his definition of “fine” is questionable, at best.

Johnny Law
6′ 4″, 302 lbs
The holder of the PPW Asteroid Belt was a no-brainer for inclusion on 32J’s Super Max Challenge squad. He’s big, experienced, and has been defending the Asteroid Belt for a little over a year. While he’s never been known as much of a team player, Team 32J surrounds him with two experienced tag team wrestlers and a guy with a hat that has more knockouts attributed to it than the average heavyweight boxer. Johnny Law is the closest thing to a guaranteed two points that the opening singles round will have this year.