This page was tricky to lay out, since there’s quite a bit going on, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Actually, I’m pretty happy with most of the stuff in this chapter once the matches got started; I think it’s the best HEAT stuff I’ve done so far.

The beginning of this chapter got rewritten A LOT, and several versions began with a match between Dick the Bastard and Wildman Harris in the qualifying round. It got scrapped because there were better routes to the conclusions that Dick’s back was still hurting from the Gauntlet and that Wildman Harris sucked at wrestling.  Wildman Harris stuck around and remains terrible, though, because I needed to fill an extra space on the 56Q team.

Also, I wrote, penciled, inked, and lettered an entire 12 page comic in 12 hours today as part of a charity fundraiser for Big Brothers & Big Sisters Edmonton. Relatedly, I am very tired.

On Wednesday: Did I mention Wildman Harris is bad a wrestling? Because that’s relevant.