While the spots in this match are a lot simpler than the ones in the Rod Black/El Gangster II match, they presented similar problems in terms of how to pace things out. Whereas the problems in the last match stemmed from the constant motion and the wrestlers frequently ending up fairly far apart at the end of a move, this match gave me issues because it’s pretty scrambly in a lot of places, like on this page. The script also called for Meyers’ roll-up attempt to look like “a sloppy version of a Magistral cradle,” which proved to be really difficult to figure out how to stage, or even what that would look like. I ended up going with whatever it is I drew. I think I’ve seen it used before, but I don’t know what it’s called.

In other news, HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling Volume 1 is now finished. Should be off to the printers Friday or Monday.

On Saturday: Being hugged like a bear is only slightly less desireable than being hugged by a bear.