The script for this page could pretty much be summarized as “Rod Black misses a knee drop.” So basically that one sentence took about six hours to draw and ink. That’s what happens when you get into comics, kids; you spend hours and hours creating pages that take less than a minute to read. At least it’s not as bad as being a CG animator, where it takes two weeks to do a shot that lasts a second. I thought I’d have more to talk about for this page, since I had a lot of fun working on it, but apparently fun doesn’t always translate into interesting anecdotes.

In other news, HEAT is now available for sale online both digitally and in print, thanks to our friends at DriveThru Comics and Happy Harbor Comics, respectively. Go here to buy things.

On Wednesday: Can Rod Black’s Bazooka Knee put away Wildman Harris, or will the fact that his knee now barely works make that a problem?