It was surprisingly easy to find good photo references for the Northern Lights suplex, which leads me to wonder why it’s so hard to find pictures of some stuff that seemingly happens in every single match.

I have very little else to say about this page, other than it would have required about seventy panels to show Vinny’s transition from being in the waistlock to hitting the Northern Lights as smoothly as I would have liked it to come across.

In other news, I spent most of the afternoon today shooting footage for the upcoming FORCE Pro Wrestling YouTube show, which will hopefully become a regular thing. Today was mostly spent standing on step ladders because we couldn’t get the screen low enough to stand in front of it normally and not look like we were in Mystery Science Theatre 3000. We also did some commentary, and then did it over again so that it would be good, because apparently we had difficulty being adequate on the same takes. I can see why actors think they deserve a lot of money. They don’t, but I can see why they complain about their days being tough.

Next week: El Gordinflon Negro Uno plays to his stereotype as a fat guy and attempts to squash Dick the Bastard with his fatness. Will the ring be stained with blood or bacon grease?