Ragnar’s Revenge is a move that is really simple as a pro wrestling move but kind of difficult to draw. Unlike a lariat, the running headbutt requires the top of the head to hit the opponent’s face, but the attacker’s body needs to end up slightly to the side so that the move doesn’t end with him bowling the other guy over and then tripping over him and face-planting. It’s also hard to make it visually distinct from a diving shoulder tackle, but that’s the lesser of the two problems.

We’re in the home stretch of volume 2! And I’m already halfway through drawing the first chapter of volume 3, in which we’ll be seeing our first female wrestler in the comic (who is not a particularly good representative of that group – females or female wrestlers), and a battle royale. Because I’m an idiot and keep writing things that are hard to draw.

Next Week: Well now there’s twice as much blood as there was a few seconds ago, but will it be enough to earn the Super Max Challenge Cup?