Internet, I am very tired. I’m also very glad that while I had time and significantly lower stress levels, I drew a lot of HEAT pages. After I finish posting this I’ll be starting on HEAT 252, which will be the first HEAT page I’ve worked on in about three weeks. I’m also watching the replay of Old School RAW right now, and becoming very acutely aware of how much the RAW themes have dropped in quality over the years.

Also, I’m glad I kind of learned how to draw girls, or this chapter would have been a disaster. Seriously, I’ve been drawing drawing comics on the interwebs for just shy of 7 years now and I just learned how to draw not-completely-terrible women in the last, like, six months.

I’ve had some Twitter conversations about the comic with fans lately, which I encourage. It’s always fun talking to people who read this thing, it’s a nice reminder that I’m not just doing it for my own entertainment.

Next Week: Caroline’s dating rules.

EDIT: The Twitter plug-in updated and now I have to do some kind of authorization crap before it shows up again. I’ll fix it later.