FORCE Pro Wrestling
April 12th, 2013
Londonderry Community Hall

FORCE Pro Wrestling made it’s debut in Edmonton, Alberta on Friday, April 12th at the Londonderry Community League Hall. Just like the show, let’s get straight to the action!


The first FORCE bout in Edmonton was Scotley Crue taking on Strife, although Crue spent as much time taking on the fired up audience as he did battling with Strife. Crue, the self-proclaimed dirtiest man in wrestling, spent much of the early portion of the match making friends at ringside then getting clobbered by Strife when he got too distracted. Strife attempted to hit a plancha to the floor, but Scotley Crue pulled a fan out of his seat to use as a human shield. While Strife was able to catch himself on the apron and avoid hitting the fan, Scotley Crue took advantage and started putting the boots to the Pearl of the Rising Sun. After a missed Trailer Trash Splash from Crue, Strife was able to hit Sliding D for a near fall. Strife countered a cross body block attempt into a Black Hole Slam for another near fall, but it took Made In Japan (a wrist clutch driver) to keep Crue down for the three count, earning Strife the victory in the first FORCE match to take place in Edmonton.

Winner: Strife via Made In Japan.

Officer Gordon is usually on the other end of police brutality. Photo courtesy Trident Photography.

Officer Gordon is usually on the other end of police brutality. Photo courtesy Trident Photography.

C-Block (Ugg & Officer Gordon) vs. Chance Beckett & Colten Kelly

Prior to the opening bell, Officer Gordon grabbed the microphone from ring announcer Geoff Chevrier and declared that C-Block was looking to add more bodies so that they could increase their bodycount. This bout featured three FORCE in-ring debuts, with only Ugg having previously competed in a FORCE match. Chance Beckett was making his return to Alberta after over a decade away, including a trip to the finals of the 2003 Super 8 Tournament against Paul London. C-Block wasn’t going to make Beckett’s return to Alberta a pleasant one, though. All four men spent the bulk of the match unsubtly bludgeoning each other until both members of C-Block found themselves dazed on the floor. Chance Beckett climbed to the top turnbuckle to a rising buzz from the crowd, then soared through the air and crashed down onto his opponents, followed by a faked senton into a flying body press from Colten Kelly that took out all three men. Beckett and Kelly attempted to double suplex Gordon on the floor, but when they had Gordon vertical, Ugg demolished everyone with a running cannonball from the apron. All four men continued to brawl on the floor, ignoring the referee’s ten count. The official result was a double count out, but C-Block certainly left the ringside area looking like winners, as after the bell they decided to go bowling with Colten Kelly and about four rows of folding chairs and then slammed the unfortunate “Pretty Boy of the Trailer Park” onto one of the chairs before Gordon could get Ugg under control.

The fans applauded Kelly’s ability to get back to his feet with the help of Beckett. His continued consciousness was, based on the abuse he had taken, a pretty significant accomplishment.

Winner: Double Count Out.

After Kelly’s battered body had been removed from ringside, Thadeus Richards II made his way to the ring along with his new client, Big Jess Youngblood. Richards bragged about Big Jess’ monstrous stature and his impressive in-ring abilities, claiming that his opponent in the main event, Cam!!ikaze, would be no match for him. Before Big Jess could add to Richards’ boasts, Cam came to the ring to assert that while Youngblood may be a monster, Cam!!ikaze was a freak, and it was going to be the freak that came out on top tonight. The two men stared each other down before Thadeus Richards was able to convince Big Jess that it wasn’t worth fighting Cam now, when there was no fight purse on the line.

Slammer suddenly misses the free dental care he got in prison. Photo courtesy Trident Photography.

Slammer suddenly misses the free dental care he got in prison. Photo courtesy Trident Photography.

Slammer vs. “The Omen” Gabriel Lestat

Gabriel Lestat entered the ring in his usual measured fashion, but was notably carrying a goblet full of red liquid. Slammer entered the ring in his unusual fashion, tonight including a top hat with snakeskin accents. Apparently Slammer’s release from prison resulted in him deciding that Slash was who he should turn to for inspiration on how to dress himself, now that he has a choice.

Slammer and Lestat both began the match with attempts to use their imposing bulk against each other, and while Slammer was able to get the edge of these exchanges, Lestat was quick to attack the throat of Slammer when he needed to turn the tide. Lestat focused on Slammer’s neck, softening him up for Six Feet Under, but Slammer was able to counter Lestat’s attempts to execute the move. He wasn’t able to counter an Impaler which very nearly spelled the end of his night, but he was able to score a near fall of his own after blasting Lestat through the air with his signature C4 Exploder. Slammer had the fans on his side, but eventually the supportive chants of “fish” got to his head and he took a moment to play to the crowd while perched on the top rope, giving The Omen enough time to roll out of the way of a diving headbutt. Lestat rolled out to the floor – seemingly to try to regain some of his strength by drinking from his goblet – while Slammer tried to regain the wind that he had knocked out of himself. As Slammer staggered to his feet, Lestat sprayed red mist in Slammer’s eyes, disorienting him long enough to score a roll-up victory. Lestat, red liquid running down his chin, allowed himself a sharp grin before taking his leave, as Slammer quickly realized that he had been cheated out of a win and hadn’t learned a lot of forgiveness in his time out of lock-up. Slammer chased Lestat backstage while the ring crew cleaned up the smears that Lestat’s mist had left on the mat.

Winner: Gabriel Lestat via roll-up.


“The Hooligan” Evan Adams vs. “High Risk” Andrew Hawks

Surgeons are very excited by the prospects of what's about happen. Photo courtesy Trident Photography.

Surgeons are very excited by the prospects of what’s about happen. Photo courtesy Trident Photography.

This was a match that even non-wrestling fans would marvel at just due to its sheer athleticism and the daredevil nature of the competitors. Evan Adams, fresh from a successful tour of AAA Mexico, made his FORCE debut against “High Risk” Andrew Hawks. The first five minutes were comprised of fast-paced chain wrestling with heavy lucha libre influences, culminating in Adams catching himself after missing a dive to the floor only to be splattered by Hawks with a dive of his own. Adams’ most successful offence was his simplest: punches, forearms, stomps, and kicks peppered Andrew Hawks and were able to keep Hawks off of his game, but neither man was able to sustain their advantages for long. Adams, seemingly jealous of Hawks’ fearsome beard, made a point of ripping, tearing, and stomping at it. Both men also found themselves frustrated by an inability to keep the other man down for the three count, as several high impact moves were unable to earn a decision. In the white hot sprint to the end, Andrew Hawks seemed sure that he had the move that could send him home with the W, but Adams kicked out of Last Chance (torture rack powerbomb). Adams was able to regain an advantage while Hawks was dismayed at his opponent’s resilience, but “The Hooligan” missed his signature 3 Flip and got dumped on his head with the Beard Valley Driver (spinning wrist-clutch DVD) for his trouble, which was finally enough to keep him down after 20 minutes of action.

Winner: Andrew Hawks via Beard Valley Driver.

Cam!!ikaze vs. Big Jess Youngblood w/ Thadeus Richards II

Cam!!ikaze and Big Jess both entered this bout with very clear game plans; Cam wanted to use his speed and aerial offence to his advantage while Jess tried to ground Cam using his strength. Jess was initially more successful until Cam zeroed in on leverage maneuvers like the arm drag and side headlock takeover to put Jess on the mat. Cam!!ikaze got the better of the mat wrestling, but Big Jess was able to do a lot of damage when he was able to get back to his feet. The bulk of Cam!!ikaze’s offence involved springing off of the ropes or flying from the turnbuckles, including several attempts at flying body presses that ended in wildly varying levels of success. After nearly twenty minutes of intense action, Big Jess hammered Cam with a series of power moves, including a British Bulldog-style over-the-shoulder powerslam. With Cam!!ikaze in rough shape, Big Jess went for the kill.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, wait, we're indoors. It's just Cam!!ikaze picking a fight with a buffalo. Photo courtesy Trident Photography.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, wait, we’re indoors. It’s just Cam!!ikaze picking a fight with a buffalo. Photo courtesy Trident Photography.

Youngblood hefted Cam high into the air, looking for the Bannock Bomb, but Cam!!ikaze had the presence of mind to attempt a hurricanrana as a counter. Jess was able to use his monstrous strength to haul Cam back up into powerbomb position, then drew gasps of concern from the crowd as he drove Cam into the corner with a buckle bomb. The crowd’s gasps went from concern to shock as Cam!!ikaze rolled a shoulder off the mat just before the three count, which enraged Thadeus Richards II, who insisted to anyone who would listen that it was a three count during a tirade at ringside. Frustrated by his inability to put Cam away with the buckle bomb, Jess went up to the top rope for his 300 Pound Moonsault. That turned out to be the turning point in the match, as Cam was able to roll out of the way at the last moment, causing Jess to drive all of his 302 pounds into the canvas. Even worse for Youngblood, his initial point of contact was the left knee. Seeing an opportunity, Cam!!ikaze quickly went to work softening up the knee further, then applied the figure four leglock to a chorus of “woos” from the audience. Big Jess nearly tapped, but was able to make his way to ropes just seconds before it seemed like he would have to submit. Cam!!ikaze, realizing this, quickly tried to reapply the figure four, but Big Jess kicked him off and hit him with a limping spear for a near fall. Another limping spear and Big Jess made a crucial mistake: he went for the Bannock Bomb a second time. Jess’ knee, barely able to support Jess anyway, buckled under the extra weight of Cam!!ikaze, who landed square on the Mahikan Son’s chest. Cam jack-knifed Jess’ legs and was able to score the pinfall victory over the stunned giant.

Winner: Cam!!ikaze via jack-knife pin.

After the match, Cam!!ikaze offered Big Jess his hand, wanting to celebrate a match well fought by both competitors. Jess returned Cam’s sportsmanship with treachery, bludgeoning Cam with a clothesline. The two brawled briefly before being separated by FORCE officials and members of the locker room. The fisticuffs were broken up, but the fight doesn’t appear to be over between these two.

FORCE’s next show at Londonderry Hall will be Friday, May 17th!