In honour of this weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble, it’s time to post the updated version of the Royal Rumble Drinking Game! It was updated because, in our drunken stupors, we regularly misremembered the actual rules and made up new ones to replace them. My friend Roger (of Micro & Macro fame) created the original Royal Rumble Drinking Game that this is based on, which I posted here a few years ago.

Royal Rumble Drinking Game

Base rules:

Every time a Wrestler enters the Rumble, you drink
Every time a Wrestler is eliminated, you drink

You’re taking a minimum 59 drinks, so… yeah. That’s a thing. Try not to die.

Wrestler Selection Rules:

Everyone picks two wrestlers, either by selecting names or numbers, depending on how many entrants to the Rumble are known.

*Shots can replace finishing your drink

When your Wrestler enters the Rumble, finish your drink.
When your Wrestler is eliminated from the Rumble, finish your drink.

Hardcore Additional Rules:
If your Wrestler eliminates another Wrestler, everyone else drinks twice.
If a Wrestler does a finishing move, drink.

Rules We Always Forget
If your Wrestler eliminates another player’s Wrestler, they finish their drink, then drink twice.
If your Wrestler is eliminated by another player’s Wrestler, you finish your drink, then drink twice.
If one of your Wrestlers eliminates your other Wrestler, finish your drink twice.
If an exceptional chop is done, drink.
If Ric flair woos, drink.

Live Rumble Wildcard
In a live Royal Rumble, there are usually surprise entrants. If all 30 entrants have not been named before the Rumble starts, each player should choose a different Wildcard entrant.

If your Wildcard selection enters the Rumble, everyone else finishes their drink when your selection enters.
If your Wildcard selection does not enter the Rumble, finish your drink when entrant number 30 enters.