This match is a much different type of offering than what I usually post on the blog. I’ve been on a streak of posting all-time classic All Japan Pro Wrestling epics, but this match popped up as Puroresu Spirit’s match of the day, and it intrigued me.

K-Office is a Japanese indy promotion run by Kensuke Sasaki, and this match reminded me of the kind of match that would main event an indy show. There’s everything an American indy fan would recognize – crazy-ass suplexes, some crowd brawling, and a FUCKLOAD of kicks. Seriously. A fuckload. That actually took the match down a level for me, because goddammit this isn’t K-1, you’re allowed to grab people.

The wrestlers in this match reminded me a lot of watching a local indy, which is what made me want to post this bout despite not being as impressed as some by MAD KICKZ YO. I feel like I’ve seen this combination of wrestlers many times before at local indy shows, except none of them were Japanese. Although I’m sure some of them claimed to be, because that’s a thing that happens fairly regularly on my local indies.

BxB Hulk is the biggest name here, and rose to fame in the Dragon Gate promotion. He’s the equivalent of the guy that a local indy brings in from TNA. The kind of audience willing to go to an indy show knows who he is, but you’re not going to see his best here. He’ll also probably be protected in the booking, since he’ll be perceived as “better” than his opponents.

Fujita Jr Hayato is the indy guy who shows promise, but doesn’t really look like a wrestler. Dude’s gotta be what, 100 pounds?

Katsuhiko Nakajima is the top guy in the indy who is way too good to be there, but hasn’t gotten a shot to climb the ladder. He’s pretty rad.

Kengo Mashimo is also there. He’s the middle ground between Fujita Jr and Nakajima. He looks the part, but seems to be in the spot where he belongs.

Anyway, watch all these archetypes beat the shit out of each other and learn that the Japanese also fudge their math.