After I watched the Flair/Tenryu match that I posted earlier this week I fell into a YouTube rabbit hole. I actually like this match better, as Genichiro Tenryu takes on Ted DiBiase, pre-Million Dollar Man. This match took place on October 23rd, 1983, and features a clean-shaven Ted DiBiase, which is so surreal looking to me.

This match also highlighted that I’m not a big Flair fan. I mean, I get that he’s a big deal and is essentially a god to a large percentage of wrestling fans, but he’s just… not for me. He’s an excellent professional wrestler, but I had way more fun watching Ted DiBiase wrestle Tenryu. DiBiase showed some really interesting offence that wasn’t typical to his later WWF performances, and Tenryu hadn’t settled into his later pattern of brainbusters, DDTs, powerbombs, and disapproving old man glares.