Rey Cielo is one of the many designs that I came up with and then wanted to change shortly after finishing a couple of pages of drawing it. At least with this comic it’s very easy to rationalize any changes as “he got new gear.” It’ll be evident next week, but this bout is another trios match, featuring a bunch of new faces and a few that we’ve seen before.

In convention news, now that my Emerald City Comic Con trip is over, it’s time for the convention season to start on the other side of the table. I’ve got a pair of cons coming up right away: Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo on April 16th to 19th, where I’ll be appearing as a guest with Renegade Arts Entertainment. Speaking of which, you’re reading a webcomic right now, which means you should go check out the webcomic I’ve been doing for Renegade. It’s available in print now, too! Can’t make it? I’ll be at FanExpo Regina the following weekend (April 25-26)!

Next Week: Unnecessary Acrobatics! See it now on Patreon!