I have returned from Otafest! Just in time to update the comic and head out to VanCAF next weekend! If you’re in Vancouver, you should drop by, it’s free to attend, and there will be roughly twelve thousand cartoonists exhibiting. Naturally, I will be one of them, which means you should say hi and then give me money in exchange for comic books. Deal? Deal.

I’m writing the next chunk of HEAT right now, which reminded me that I haven’t written any HEAT strips in like four months. Which means I haven’t written a script with the word “fuck” in it in four months! Time to write a looooot of swear words.

Also, Elimination Chamber as a bonus PPV? Why yes, that sounds delightful, WWE Network. A TAG TEAM Elimination Chamber? Well now you’re just insisting that I go to my friend Dan’s house to watch it.

Next Week: El Bell! Ring it now, on Patreon!