Fresh off of the Royal Rumble, it’s the start of a new HEAT chapter! As has been mentioned before, this one will feature the Los Antelones vs. El Bastarde & Los Gordinflones Negros championship vs. mask match, which has been a lot of fun to draw so far.

In Patreon news, this week I’m going to start posting pages of a HEAT story that I’m drawing for a wrestling anthology book called Kayfabe. I’m thinking a page or two a week. And, obviously, the best way to support HEAT (and all my other comicking) is to become a patron. You get a bunch of cool rewards, and if everyone who reads HEAT signed up for a buck a comic, I could eliminate freelance work from my schedule entirely.

Next Week: Los Gordinflones Negros are like fat mimes. And the aforementioned patrons can read it RIGHT NOW.