It’s Christmas Special time! In this year’s Christmassacre main event, Santa Claus’ most dangerous rivals, Krampus and the Grinch, have combined forces! Santa doesn’t have to go it alone, though, as he’s recruited a former challenger for the North Pole Heavyweight Championship, Rudolph!

I’ve wanted to draw a tag team match involving a bunch of the characters I’ve used over the course of the Christmas specials since 2013. That year, I was unable to come up with a composition that I was happy with, so I backburnered the idea for a bit while I drew the Grinch comics and the Xanta Claus joke. This year, I didn’t have anything in particular planned, so I decided to take another crack at a composition for the tag match. This time, it worked out!

HEAT returns on January 9th, with the first fall of Bombard and El Bastarde’s Mascara Contra Mascara match continuing!