The time between writing this strip and drawing it was long enough that I had the hardest time remembering what the duck-under-springboard-arm-drag sequence was originally intended to look like. The end result probably wasn’t all that close to what I was imagining when I wrote it, but it did what I needed it to do.

What did you guys think about the Royal Rumble last night? I saw it get a lot of flak on the internet, but I thought it was awesome. Then again, I watch WWE pay-per-views drunk with a bunch of funny people, which means they’re always really entertaining. I also don’t care about WWE booking AT ALL, so I’m more invested in the thing I watch being exciting than the matches ending the way I want them to and my favourites getting pushed. It seems like most of the people who complain about WWE have this idea that their favourites deserve to win all of their matches and get Hulk Hogan in 1985 level pushes, and I have no idea why, because that idea is insane. Nobody at the party was complaining that Orton won, we were actually happy for my friend who picked him to win, because it meant he wouldn’t have to chug ANOTHER beer and probably ruin our host’s toilet. WRESTLING.

Next Week: I up the ante on the blood so as not to disrespect the gore-soaked nature of the lucha libre brawl. Patrons can read each HEAT strip a week before it goes live on the website!