Up front: I fucked up. Sorry. I forgot to post this on Monday because I was out on a Monday night for the first time in months. I don’t really have an excuse for the four days after that, though.

While I was out on Monday, I DID get to see The Running Man in theatres as part of the Flashback Film Festival. That movie is one of the inspirations for HEAT, so it was appropriate to see it on update day. Now if only I had remembered to do that…

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I love it when wrestlers show frustration like athletes. Like, this guy is countering all of my shit, and I hate it, and fuck this guy. It’s a similar to the reasoning I have for liking the defiant last stand spot where a wrestlers knows they’re about to lose, but refuses to just lay down and accept it, forcing their opponent to kill them. Really, any sort of indication from wrestlers that they’re in a competition and desperately want to win it is a positive for me.

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