I came across this match while reading the new “Lanza Reviews 10 Random Matches” feature on Voices of Wrestling, and realized I hadn’t shared any matches on the HEAT blog in a while, so I present to you the first appearance of Big Japan Pro Wrestling on the blog.

Big Japan isn’t a promotion that’s usually on my radar, as I’m not fond of deathmatch wrestling, but Daisuke Sekimoto is awesome, so I checked this match out. And it was pretty great. Sekimoto is the brickiest brick shithouse in Japan, and at this point I really want to see him in a G1 Climax tournament. Sekimoto vs. Ishii or Honma or Okada. OH GOD. Those would be so much fun. At one point in this match, Shinobu gets suplexed so hard into the corner that one of the ringside attendants clearly checks on him to make sure he didn’t immediately get Alzheimer’s. Because OOF.

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