RSS readers will notice that the comics in the feed are a lot smaller than they were previously, mostly because I’d like people to actually come to the site where there’s all sorts of lovely other content. Hopefully you guys were doing that anyway.

It’s a lot easier to write things like the last three panels than it is to draw them. Especially since the script initially called for Gangster to leap frog over Invincinator and then somehow transition that into a DDT, which — upon further consideration —  I concluded is probably physically impossible. Even the rocker dropper is pushing it. Although I’m sure somewhere in Mexico or Japan some absurdly athletic madman is pulling them off like most guys would a headlock.

In other news, it’s almost August, which means FORCE Pro Wrestling’s innaugural show, A Show of FORCE: Morinville is just a few short weeks away! I’m doing the art and design for the program, which is just about finished, and turning out quite nicely. If you’re in the area (it’s only about 30 minutes outside of Edmonton), you definitely don’t want to miss it.

On Saturday: Invincinator attempts to recover by taking a page out of ol’ Double A’s playbook. But not A Double’s.