Surprise bonus update! The reason for it — aside from the fact that I’m currently about to start inking page 23, so I’m not exactly straining my buffer to the limit —  is that I wanted to get the first match of the comic underway this week, and I completely forgot that this page was in between the last one and Wooly Bully’s entrance on the next page, which would have pushed the beginning of the match to next Wednesday, if I had stuck to the schedule. This way it’ll start on Saturday.

Writing this page really determined a lot the tone, content-wise for the comic. I had been thinking about keeping it to the pseudo-PG 13 rating that mainstream wrestling tends to maintain. Then I wrote this joke. Between this joke and the buckets of blood that appear throughout the later, it was a pretty easy call to just ignore any kind of content restrictions and just do whatever I wanted.

On Wednesday, the introduction of the Wooly Bully!