I have no idea why the roll-up from behind is called a “schoolboy.” Not that commentators call it that anymore, since most of them don’t seem to have a clue what any moves are called nowadays. For the most part, anything more complex than a suplex is “what a move!” Anyway, calling the roll-up a “schoolboy” just makes it sound kind of creepy, though, which is evidenced by the YouTube search I did to try and find a video of the move in action. “Pro wrestling schoolboy roll-up” resulted in a lot more dirty results than I anticipated.

The first panel on this page was easily my favourite part of it to draw. Mostly because it was complicated. This might also be the first instance of the scale issues that I have with Wooly Bully. I’m currently drawing his second appearance in a match, and he keeps getting bigger. It’s not really intentional, it just kind of happens every time I draw him. My first conception of him was a more exaggerated Taz build (short, stocky, bulky, and mean-looking), then he just kept getting bigger every time I drew him. Now he’s like a slightly smaller Big Show, except he can move.

On Saturday: The end of Chapter 1!