Happy Easter, folks. Now, normally Easter isn’t really the kind of holiday I’d bother posting a greeting for, but I just remembered a story I wanted to share from the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show. And it happens to be just after two in the morning right now, so it’s technically Easter.

So early on in the show when things were kind of slow, my friend (and artist of Zenescope’s new series, Merc) Dan was drawing a piece of HEAT fan art. Both of us agreed that Mad Doc Crockett and, more relevantly to the story, Dick the Bastard, were both fairly simple designs. That said, every so often Dan would question me as to specifics, which led to this exchange:

Dan: Dick has some kinda wrist thing, right?
Me: Yeah, he has black tape on his wrists.
Dan: Tape? Okay. And he’s hairy as fuck.
Me: Yes. Yes, he is, in fact, hair as fuck.

The fact that remembering this made me laugh out loud suggests I should go to bed now. But HEAT page 39 is penciled, so pre-bedtime mission accomplished.