I had to look it up, but this is the first appearance of Los Gordinflones Negros. Normally I would be on top of something like that, but I’ve been drawing them for long enough that I forgot they hadn’t shown up online yet. I actually forgot a detail of their costume in this rendition of them, although you don’t know what it is (yet). The PPW Tag Team Title belts were a design that kind of just popped into my head. I’d been trying to figure out what they should look like and couldn’t come up with something that really said “tag team”, then all of a sudden I knew exactly what it should look like, resulting in those belts. I have a pencil version that I might scan later to add to the bonus art gallery, since it gives a better view of the front plate on the belt.

Dick, Doc, and Ron’s suits were kind of fun to work on. I took the basic “future suit” from the Warden and then modified them a bit to fit each of their personalities and visual styles. Dick and Ron just got different ties; Dick’s is black to match his trunks while Ron’s uses the same sparkly texture as his entrance jacket. Doc, on the other hand, I got to go a little wild with. The sequins on the back of his jacket are an homage to Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s old jackets, then I added a little version of his logo (which is kind of a shitty logo, but meh. I can give him a better one later) and a tie based on Scott Hall’s nWo trunks; y’know, the ones that were black and had a blood design running down them. I think I might use that design on Doc’s wrestling costume later on, I like it.

On Wednesday: Doc is the kind of fan you don’t want to sit next to.