Galactic Wrestling has booked the Galactic Wrestling Championship match which will be headlining the Gauntlet 3010 Pay-Per-View card; Chief Thunderhawk will defend the title against newly minted number one contender, Jebediah Mudd. The announcement put to rest the debate about who should challenge Chief Thunderhawk, one which was finally resolved on last week’s edition of Galactic Wrestling’s Main Event.

Chief Thunderhawk

After a series of chest-thumping “who beat who” arguments, what was originally scheduled to be a one-on-one contest between “Beautiful” Bobby Wiles and Buck Hogarth became a four-way battle with Mighty Kong and Jebediah Mudd added to the festivities and the winner being granted a title match at the Gauntlet. Mighty Kong and Buck Hogarth quickly renewed the rivalry which began at SolarSlam 3008, and in the resulting chaos Mudd scored the winning pinfall on Beautiful Bobby.

Jebediah Mudd "stomps a Mudd-hole" in "Beautiful" Bobby Wiles during their match at last month's Blackout Pay-Per View in the WrestleDome.

Jebediah Mudd’s addition to the number one contender’s match came as a result of a convincing Pay-Per-View victory over “Beautiful” Bobby Wiles last month at Blackout. Mudd put on a dominating performance in front of a sold out crowd at the WrestleDome which left colour commentator Super Destructo II to speculate during the bout as to whether or not Beautiful Bobby would even get in an offensive move. After beating Wiles so savagely that you’d think he owned him, Mudd put Wiles out of his misery with the Mudd Slide just shy of the nine minute mark.

Mudd, an eight year pro, is still seeking his first major championship, a frustration which has been the driving force of his tenure in Galactic Wrestling thus far. Mudd entered Galactic Wrestling in 3008 and spent most of 3009 in a war with Smashmouth Smith over the Television Championship in which he made an excellent accounting of himself but was never able to capture the title belt. After coming close to wearing the gold so many times, Mudd has set his sights higher and will now challenge Chief Thunderhawk for the richest prize in Galactic Wrestling. The winner of that match won’t have long to wait to find out who the number one contender will be, however, as the winner of the Gauntlet match later that night will earn a shot at the title.