This one demonstrates the science of turning a plot-mover into an inebriated (or just stupid, who knows) naked guy smashing his face into the wall while wearing nothing but the Television Title belt.

This one also demonstrates that I’m an idiot, because all day today I thought it was Sunday, and thus didn’t update the comic. And now it technically is Sunday. On the plus side, I’m about ten minutes way from finishing HEAT #82. It doesn’t feature any naked morons. I know, I know, sad.

Earlier tonight, because I thought it was Sunday and didn’t need to update the comic, I made my debut over at Pro Wrestling Ponderings. In my first cartoon, I ruminate on just how little sense the Undertaker’s gimmick makes. Even by wrestling standards. Drawing it taught me that I’m apparently pretty decent at likenesses, despite not really practicing it at all. I did a pretty sweet portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany once, though. Which has NOTHING to do with this comic at all.

On Wednesday: The rightful champ gets his belt back. Everybody else kind of wishes it stayed where it was.