The first appearance of Gorilla Typhoon! And oh man do I want to use him more, because he’s a blast to draw. I think comics need more elderly gorilla curmudgeons. Although really, any combination of those three words would be a good time. The jokes about flinging feces wasn’t in the script, but I’m glad I came up with it in a moment of bizarre inspiration, because it’s probably my faovurite joke in the last ten pages or so. There’s also a lot of stuff in the images on Gorilla’s big monitor, so take a look at those if you want a bit of a preview of Wednesday’s page.

Before Wednesday’s page, though, is tomorrow’s HEAT Halloween Special! I don’t think I’ve drawn a Halloween special for any of my webcomics before, but I had a fun idea for special, so why not.

Tomorrow: HEAT Halloween Special!

On Wednesday: Richard the Lionheart makes his Galactic Wrestling debut as Gauntlet entrant number 13. Will it turn out to be a lucky or unlucky number for Mr. The Lionheart?