This was a fun page to work on, even if the big panel of the ring was a pain in the butt. The new crowd-rendering technique looks a lot better, I think, especially since on this page you can see it right next to the black-out technique I was using before. I think the logic was that the farther-away part of the stands would be blacked out to make it seem farther away, but I’m not sure it worked all that well.

I also have no idea how to render a brown skin-tone in black and white. I think it’s pretty clear that Tiger Khan is supposed to be Indian, what with “Tiger” being a really common nickname for Indian wrestlers… and, y’know, he’s wearing a turban. Generalissimo Lizardo might be my favourite design of anybody on this whole page. Who doesn’t love a lizard man wearing 1800s military gear and rocking a tiny and inexplicable moustache? People who hate joy, that’s who.

There was originally some commentary by Art Donaghy and Super Destructo II on this page, but it wasn’t funny and basically just a textual description of what you can already see, so I cut it to make more space for art.

On Saturday: Mighty Kong is mighty good at battle royales. Outweighing everyone else in the ring combined helps.