And here we go with Chapter 8! Which is going to be fairly long, in comparison with the previous ones (I wrote page 111 the other day and I’m still not on Chapter 9 yet).

I had actually planned on posting this a lot earlier today, as I was going to be attending the PWA show in Edmonton tonight. Then Snowmageddon dumped two feet of snow onto my driveway and ruined all the roads. Hermit Mode, ENGAGE.

The first little bit of this chapter got re-written a bunch of times because the press conference/publicity photo shoot became way too much like a real press conference. For those of you who’ve had the good fortune to have never seen a press conference, a bunch of reporters ask unimaginative questions to athletes who are trained to respond to them in a series of cliches that convey no insight or value, although they will be reported in such a way as to suggest that these quotes are in fact a fascinating look into the behind-the-scenes elements of sport. Okay, maybe that’s just hockey press conferences. Maybe athletes from other sports aren’t trained from 16 years old to mollify the media with pointless platitudes so that they’ll go away.

That got a little ranty. I think my point was press conferences are boring, so I tried to make this one not be boring.

On Wednesday: Mad Doc Crockett defeats his enemies with math.