This was my favourite HEAT page so far until I drew page 103. I don’t really like how the first panel turned out, but the rest of it I’m pretty happy with, especially the backbreaker. I actually have a work-in-progress shot of the pencils for this page on my new camera, but I haven’t loaded the camera software onto my computer yet, so the WIP stuff isn’t super relevant now that the final page is done.

Also, speed lines done with a ruler look way, way better. Need to keep that in mind for later.

This update is early because I’m on my way to go see some E-Ville roller derby action. The fact that a sport featuring cute girls in tiny skirts elbow-smashing each other at high speeds isn’t the most popular athletic contest in the world is mind-boggling.

On Wednesday: Vinny LaGrazo tries to end things with his patented Sickle Hold.