Today was originally going to be HEAT 104, but then I came up with an idea for a Valentine’s Day Special, which I managed to knock out pretty quickly this afternoon, so you get that instead. I was going to make it a bonus update on Monday, but I was sick last week and lost four days of comic productivity, so I want to rebuild the buffer a little bit. Bonus updates aren’t really the buffer’s friend.

Also, as I’m sure you’ve noticed already, first use of colour in the comic. The red is just coloured pen, because I have one that I try to get some use out of once in a while. The gold is digital colouring, which I’ve never done before (or at least not done with results worth using for anything). Don’t expect the comic to move to colour, though. That shit takes forever.

On Wednesday: Can Dick the Bastard break out of Vinny LaGrazo’s fearsome Sickle Hold?