Doc’s line about Gorilla Typhoon is a reference back to the match with Los Gordinflones Negros where he distracted the referee with “a long insane story about a moose.” Art-wise, this was easily the simplest page of this match.

After April 30th I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off from posting new comics, mostly because I want to finish up the HEAT Volume 1 trade paperback collection so I can have it printed in time for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. It’s going to be pretty hefty, weighing in at 124 pages, including an all-new 14 page short story written by me and drawn by Dan Schneider. There’s a lot of layout stuff that still needs to be done, including the commentary by Dick the Bastard and Mad Doc Crockett. 100 pages of it. Eep. I wanted to hold off until the end of the current chapter to take a break, but adding that extra two weeks onto it cuts the printing deadlines pretty close.

On Saturday: Like Scott Steiner but without the steroid abuse and stupid chainmail hat.