It’s hard not to take shots at the formula behind tag team wrestling… so I do. Panel two points out that I fucked up the locker room stalls on the last page, although I’m not sure why I felt it necessary to point that out right now, since I suspect most people wouldn’t have noticed or cared. It also highlights my go-to for making “talking heads” seem interesting, which is perspective. Especially when I have four or five characters far apart from each other in a big square room.

The HEAT Volume 1 trade paperback proof came in the other day, and has been approved for final printing. I’m very excited to be able to debut it at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, but if you can’t make it to that show, fear not! It’ll be available at Happy Harbor Comics and by online order once I recover from the show.

On Wednesday: Invincinator and Johnny Law head out for what may be their last match of the Super Max Challenge as Prison Asteroid 32J attempts to start their comeback in the standings.