Holy crap, I’ve drawn 150 of these things! Actually I’ve drawn 163 of these things, plus 9 Classic Wrestling Moments, but everyone just looks at you and wonders where the helmet you’re supposed to be wearing is if you celebrate the 150th strip on number 141 (plus 9 classic wrestling moments = 150! Math is fun. No it isn’t, that was a lie).

I actually thought the strip that comes after this one was going up today, and was really excited to point out my favourite background joke so far in the entire series… which I will, of course, not be doing right now, because it’s not on this page. Speaking of the next page, it’s going to be posted a day early this week! I’ll be out of town all day Saturday with FORCE Pro Wrestling, so HEAT 151 will go up on Friday this week.

On Friday: My favourite background joke in the entire series! And some other stuff also happens, I guess.