Hitting people with a metal helmet: it’s what you do when you’ve got a metal helmet and people that need hitting. If Vinny’s nose wasn’t busted before, it definitely is now, if what’s left of it can still be considered a nose.

The balance between quality and file size in digital comics is irrirating the crap out of me right now. I’m working on getting digital version of my print series, Hell, Inc., prepared for digital sale, but the files are either a good size and look awful or they look great and are stupidly large. I have no idea how Archaia gets issues of Mouse Guard down to 4-5 MB each without ruining the art, but they do, and I need to figure out how.

On Wednesday: It’s a good thing the music starts before Dick the Bastard maims anymore people backstage. If he doesn’t maim them where people can see, who will buy tickets!? WHO!?