Finally, Sharkenstein HAS COME BACK… to Classic Wrestling Moments. And is apparently encouraging me to rip off The Rock, who made his return on an entirely-too-long episode of RAW on Monday. It’s been so long since I’ve drawn Sharkenstein that I entirely forgot how to do it, which made my first few cracks at him on this page… interesting. Gonna go with interesting.

If you’re in Edmonton this weekend, check out the Pure Speculation Festival. You’ll be able to pick up copies of HEAT Volume 1 as well as Hell, Inc. #1 and #2 at the Open Door Comics table, and I’ll be there in person on Sunday. You may also see me at the Real Canadian Wrestling show on Saturday night at the Glengarry Community Hall, because holy shit I love one-night tournaments.

On Saturday: Chapter 10 begins with Invincinator ruining Doc’s inspirational speech.