I very much enjoy sound effects that aren’t even attempting to mimic a sound, they’re just stating what is happening. Hence why every sound effect on this page is just describing what is happening… unless a kick to the face actually makes the sound “Yakuza kick!” I don’t listen closely to the sounds made by face-kicking. I definitely don’t know what sound stepping on the back of somebody’s leg to make them kneel would make, so I went with the well-thought-out sound effect “leg stomp.”

Also, Ron Gould may have more blood outside of him than inside. I’d say “take that” to WWE’s current no blood ever policy, but if they had a guy bleed this much in real life I’m pretty sure he’d die. And if WWE did that, then hardcore indies like CZW would end up with morgues instead of locker rooms to seem more extreme.

Next Week: Does Ron Gould even have blood left? Seriously, somebody should get a medical professional out here. He’s grossing up the ring.